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KUKJE MEDI Hand Sanitizer Gel, 70% Ethanol, Antiseptic, 500 ml

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C$2.00 Excl. tax
CaviWipes 11-1224 in a Flat Pack (7” x 9”), 45 wipes per pack

For use on hard non-porous surfaces
Durable, nonwoven towels won’t bunch up during use
Flat Packs minimize storage space, unclutter counter space, and are resealable

C$13.87 Excl. tax
CaviWipesXL 11-1150-PK (9” x 12”), 65 wipes per canister

Presaturated with CaviCide®, CaviWipes™ are proven to kill both TB (in 5 minutes) and HBV (in 3 minutes) with quick, easy-to-use, timesaving convenience. CaviWipes are durable, nonwoven, nonabrasive towels that won't bunch up during use. They

C$24.99 Excl. tax